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Azerbaijan National Academy of Science, Institute of Geography

Institution Name
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Azerbaijan National Academy of Science, Institute of Geography
Acronym IGAZ
Type Academic
31,H.Javid av. Baku
Tel +994 12 4393541
Fax +994 12 4393541
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Website http://www.igaz.az/index.php/en/
  • The research regularity development of the nature and natural resources Azerbaijan’s, problem organization of industry, social Infrastructures and territorial accommodation of the population, and also Ecogeographical feature of country.
  • Problems of constructive and regional geography of the Azerbaijan.
  • Problems of desertification terrain of the Azerbaijan Republic.
  • Problems of hydrometeorology and fluctuation level of the Caspian sea
  • Geomorphology and dynamics coastal zone of the Caspian sea
  • Modeling distribution of contaminants and research ecogeographical conditions of the Caspian Sea

Created: 2009-03-06 Last Updated: 2017-03-27

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