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Syndial S.P.A. Attività Diversificate

Acronym Syndial
Type Private commercial
Via Litoranea Priolese, 39 Priolo Gargallo (Siracusa)
Tel +39 931 734483
Fax +39 931 734457
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Website http://www.syndial.it
Activities The industrial structure of EniChem, now Syndial SpA - Attivita Diversificate, was modified in 2002 when the Company handed over its Strategic Chemical Activities to Polimeri Europa. Today, Syndial, which is a ENI’s subsidiary company, continues to manage both the non-ceded business and the industrial services, and creates opportunities for economic growth of the territory by exploitation and environmental recovery of its industrial sites. Syndial in fact is recovering and upgrading areas of its sites to make them available for new industrial ventures. It exploits and promotes consortia for management of the technical and common services of its industrial hubs; it manages production plants and cedes those it considers non-strategic. Syndial core business is the management of a series of disused industrial areas and sites requiring environmental recovery intervention in order to be recuperated and upgraded for the benefit of the community. The productive activities were located at the sites in Assemini, Porto Torres, Priolo, Porto Marghera, Ferrara and Ciro Marina, which, given their infrastructures, offer large potential for the development of different kinds of industrial activities, even diversified ones. The industrial site of Priolo is one of the largest of Europe, with a presence of 3 refineries, 2 Electric plants, an Ethylene plant, etc, and is located near the Rada di Augusta, considered a very polluted marine coastal area.

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