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First Institute of Oceanography, SOA

Acronym FIO SOA
Type Academic
6 Xian-xia-lin Road
High Technology Park
Tel 86-532-88967468
Fax 86-532-88965544
Website http://www.fio.org.cn/english/index.asp
Activities The First Institute of Oceanography, SOA is a comprehensive oceanographic research institute engaged in applied and basic researches, high technology development and serving the public. The institute aims at promoting the marine science and technology progress and serving the marine management, marine safety and marine economy development and is an important marine science research entity in the national science and technology innovation system. Her main research fields include the distributions and variabilities of natural environmental elements in Chinese seas, their adjacent oceans and polar sea areas, the marine resources and environmental geology, the generating mechanism and prediction method of marine disasters, the variabilities of marine ecology environment, the remote sensing oceanography and marine information system, the assessment, protection and regulation of marine environment, the marine high technology development and marine comprehensive management sciences...

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