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Observational Research System for Global Change

Type Research
2-15 Natsushima-cho Yokosuka-city
Tel +81-46-866-3811
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Website http://www.jamstec.go.jp/iorgc/index-e.html
Activities Institute of Observational Research for Global Change (IORGC) of JAMSTEC conducts observations over the areas surrounding Japan, such as the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, Asia-Eurasia Continent and the Arctic Ocean, where effects of climate change prominently appears, using measures like vessels, mooring buoys, floats in the ocean, and radar-sites on land. The data of variation parameters including air temperature, seawater temperature, wind speed, air-sea mass interaction, and chemical properties are organizationally collected and analyzed by our scientists and also with international collaborations. With the combination of observation and scientific analysis, IORGC provides essential knowledge to the Society for understanding global change and its mechanism and for predicting the future of the Earth.

Group(s): GOOS Created: 2008-12-18 Last Updated: 2009-12-01

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