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Meteorological and Hydrological Service Croatia

Acronym DHMZ
Type Government
Glagoljaska 11 HR Split
HR 21000
Tel (385 21) 58 93 78
Fax (385 21) 59 10 33
Website http://meteo.hr/index_en.php
Activities Meteorological and hydrological institute of Croatia is fundamental institution for meteorology and hydrology in Croatia. It is founded by decree of Government of People’s Republic of Croatia (NRH) on 27th of August 1947. Part of staff (fifty employees) and equipment was taken up from Geophysical institute and Ministry of construction of NRH, which conducted part of services from field of meteorology and hydrology (opservations, weather forecast, etc.). Until Croatia became independent state, ie. till 1991., MHS operate as republic institution, and after that as state one. MHS, in the name of state of Croatia perform international cooperation after 1992., when Croatia becomes member of World meteorological organisation (WMO).

Group(s): JCOMM Created: 2008-12-03 Last Updated: 2010-10-18

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