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Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Research Center for Geotechnology

Previously Research Center for Geotechnology - Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Acronym RCG - LIPI
Type Government
Kampus LIPI Bandung
Jl. Sangkuriang
West Java
Tel +62-22-250-3654
Fax +62-22-250-4593
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Website http://www.geotek.lipi.go.id/
Activities The Research Center for Geotechnology (abbr. RCG) is one of a number of research centers of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Indonesian abbr. LIPI), which is a government institution. The responsibility of RCG is to promote and advance research in the field of earth sciences and related technology. The RCG was originally established with UNESCO assistance as the National Institute of Geology and Mining (abbr. NIGM) in 1964, while the name change to RCG took place in 1983. RCG comprises four divisions, namely: Earth dynamics and geologic hazards, Earth resources and mineral engineering, Earth information systems and spatial management and Engineering geology and nature conservation. There are three operational (field) units resorting under the RCG: The Karangsambung Field Campus providing practical training in field geologic methods to geology students of Indonesian universities, The Liwa earthquake research unit and the Jampang experimental mine.

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