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Integrated Marine Observing System

Acronym IMOS
Type Academic
University of Tasmania
Private Bag 110
Tel +61 (03) 6226 7549
Fax +61 (03) 6226 2107
Website http://www.imos.org.au/
Activities IMOS is a distributed set of equipment and data-information services which collectively contribute to meeting the needs of marine climate research in Australia . The observing system provides data in the open oceans around Australia out to a few thousand kilometres as well as the coastal oceans. The IMOS Office coordinates the deployment of a wide range of equipment and assembles the data through 11 Facilities distributed around the country. The data are made available to researchers through the electronic Marine Information Infrastructure (eMII) located at the University of Tasmania . The IMOS infrastructure also contributes to Australia 's role in international programs of ocean observing.

Group(s): GOOS Created: 2008-09-04 Last Updated: 2010-08-19

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