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United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction - Platform for the Promotion of Early Warning

Type International / Intergovernmental
Platform for the Promotionof Early Warning
Hermann-Ehlers-Strasse 10
Tel +49 228 815 0300
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Website http://www.unisdr.org/ppew/
Activities Early Warning and Preparedness
Early warning and preparedness plays a critical role in preventing hazardous events turning into disasters. Clear warnings, received in time, coupled with the knowledge of how to react, can mean the difference between life and death, or between economic survival and ruin, for individuals and communities.

Early warning is more than just a prediction – a complete early warning system comprises of four elements
* Risk knowledge, systematically collect data and undertake risk assessments
* Monitoring and warning service, develop hazard monitoring and early warning services
* Dissemination and communication, communicate risk information and early warnings
* Response capability, build national and community response capabilities

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