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Bonneville Power Administration, Dept. of Energy

Acronym BPA
Type Government
905 NE 11th Ave. Portland
OR 97232
United States
Tel 800-282-3713
Fax 503-230-3000
Website http://www.bpa.gov/corporate/
Activities The Bonneville Power Administration's mission as a public service organization is to create and deliver the best value for our customers and constituents as we act in concert with others to assure the Pacific Northwest:
* An adequate, efficient, economical and reliable power supply;
* A transmission system that is adequate to the task of integrating and transmitting power from federal and non-federal generating units, providing service to BPA's customers, providing interregional interconnections, and maintaining electrical reliability and stability; and
* Mitigation of the Federal Columbia River Power System's impacts on fish and wildlife.
BPA is committed to cost-based rates, and public and regional preference in its marketing of power. BPA will set its rates as low as possible consistent with sound business principles and the full recovery of all of its costs, including timely repayment of the federal investment in the system.

Created: 2008-03-24 Last Updated: 2010-06-10

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