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Cox Analytical Systems

Acronym Cox
Type Private commercial
Ostergardsgatan 7 Molndal
Tel +46317083660
Fax +46317083667
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Website http://www.coxsys.se
Activities The Itrax instruments from Cox Analytical Systems find their main fields of application in environmental, geological and climate related applications. These x-ray scanners allow you to scan over samples for a wide range of elements, and at the same time get optical images and density images. Sample types include sediment and rock cores, wood samples and more. The combination of multi-element XRF analysis, x-ray radiography images and optical images that these instruments offer is unique and has proven to be very useful. The analyses are non-destructive to your samples and can provide information in spot sizes from the centimeter scale down to microscale in lateral resolution. Elements from Mg and heavier can be analyzed, most of them in any concentration down to the trace level. With high analytical power and accuracy, these instruments provide a large amount of information in short time, with a minimum of sample preparation. Fields of application include, but are not limited to, Paleoclimatology, Geology, Mining, Oceanography, Limnology, Dendrochronology, Dendrochemistry, Environmental Science and Environmental Forensics.

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