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East China Sea Environmental Monitoring center

Type Government
Dong Tang road 630 Shanghai
Tel 86-21-58673946
Fax 86-21-58673946
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Website http://www.dhjczx.org
Activities East China Sea Environmental Monitoring Center, founded in 1981, is one of the national comprehensive Environmental monitoring and surveillance organizations faced to East China Sea under jurisdiction of East China Sea Branch, the State Oceanic Administration of China. It is a professional environmental monitoring organization with independent legal personality. There are about 50 scientific research members in our center, in which there are 10 senior engineers, more than 20 engineers and 14 invited professional specialists.
Main duties include:The monitoring, surveillance and evaluation of marine coastal environment and Marine Protected Areas in Shanghai and East China Sea;
Marine environmental quality monitoring for the key nearshore sea areas, supervision and monitoring of the sea areas adjacent to the focal land-based pollutant discharge outlets, monitoring of key dump zones, offshore oil exploration and exploitation zones, focal aquaculture zones, and major bathing beaches, red tide monitoring and forecasting, emergency monitoring of marine pollution incidents, atmospheric monitoring, marine biodiversity and marine ecological monitoring;
Environmental monitoring and evaluation for the marine construction projects, hi-tech industries such as offshore oil and gas exploitation, mariculture, ocean mining, marine tourism and marine chemical industry, etc;
Operational research and cooperation on related scientific technology; Technology guide, training, supervision and service for marine environmental monitoring unit under jurisdiction of East China Sea environmental monitoring and management network;
Comprehensive investigation and research on marine baseline, environment and resources; Technical support for marine environmental protection, Planning and zoning management and sea area use management .

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