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National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology

Acronym NIMH/BAS
Type Government
66 Tsarigradsko Chaussee Sofia
Tel +359 2 9753986
Fax +359 2 9880380
Website http://www.meteo.bg
SeaDataNet-EDMO Record ID 961
Activities Communities and their infrastructure have always evolved within a pattern of global and local weather, climate and water resources variability, to which they have adapted. This is a continuous process of meeting the nature challenges, which man can withstand and control only by acquisition of substantial knowledge and understanding of hydrological and meteorological phenomena and processes.
Since the remote past the man, led by his instinct of self-preservation, had tried to predict the weather and related adverse phenomena, using his observations and vast experience. The way passes through the first network of observing stations in today's Germany in 17 century to the beginning of the scientifically justified weather forecasting in the second half of the 19 century, product of technical revolution.
Bulgaria, as a part of European civilization, gives for more than 134 years its humble information and scientific contribution to the mastering and studying of the problems related to the climate change, weather and water resources.
The tradition, the experience, the positive attitude to our work is that internal force, which maintains the idealism of many hydrologists, meteorologists, research scientists, observers, etc., to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.

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