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ICZM-Consult International

Acronym ICZM-Consult
Type Private commercial
Siebengebirgsstr. 28 Koenigswinter
Tel +49 2244 939 215
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Website http://www.iczm-consult.com
Activities Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Fisheries ICZM, Monitoring & Evaluation, Technical Assistance, Sector Studies, Project Management

- Assessment, Evaluation and Management of Coastal Natural Resources in the greater context of Integrated Coastal Zone Management
- M&E of national, regional and international Programmes and Projects in Developing and Transition Countries
- Senior ICZM and Coastal Fishery Advisory Functions to Donor Organisations and Countries as well as to Developing and Transition Countries
- Evaluation, analysis and synthesis services applying up-to-date methodical standards
- ICZM Programme Evaluation at macro-, meso and micro-intervention levels
- Geographic co-operation strategies in ICZM and Coastal Fisheries
- Donor development policies and strategies in the area of external co-operation
- Multi-country evaluation studies of coastal economic sectors/themes
- National Advisory Functions in ICZM Development Cooperation
- ICZM Effect-Monitoring
- Coastal Natural Resources Management NRM
- GIS in ICZM and Fisheries
- Mangrove Reforestation and Management
- Coastal Fishery Management
- Coastal Planning
- Coastal Environmental Conservation
- Coastal Disaster Recovery, Mitigation, Restoration
- Coastal Tourism Development
- Erosion protection, reforestation, slope agriculture)
- Environmental Law, Fishery Law, Coastal Law
- Oceanic Fishery Management
- Coastal Aquaculture
- Coastal and Marine Biodiversity
- Project Cycle Management PCM
- Project Co-management Schemes
- Fishery Economics
- Resource Tenure Improvement RTI
- Organisational Structure Development OSD
- Project and Program Procurement

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