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European Global Ocean Observing System

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European Global Ocean Observing System
Acronym EuroGOOS
Type International / Intergovernmental
EuroGOOS AISBL Brussels
Tel +32 22383790
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Website http://www.eurogoos.eu
Activities Since the beginning of 2013 EuroGOOS is based in Brussels and has been transformed into an international non-profit association (AISBL) under the Belgian law.

EuroGOOS is an Association of Agencies, founded in 1994, to further the goals of GOOS, and in particular the development of Operational Oceanography in the European Sea areas and adjacent oceans. EuroGOOS is established with full recognition of the importance of existing systems in research and operational oceanography in Europe at national and European scales. EuroGOOS now has 36 Members in 18 European countries.

Group(s): GOOS Created: 2006-10-23 Last Updated: 2017-03-15

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