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International Coastal Management, Head Office

Acronym ICM
Type Private commercial
50/51 G Arm. Southport Yacht Club
Macarthur Parade.
Main Beach
Gold Coast
Tel +61 (0)7 5564 0564
Fax +61(0)7 5532 9147
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Website http://www.coastalmanagement.com.au
Activities International Coastal Management (ICM) provides expertise and practical experience in coastal engineering. A strong client focus allows us to provide optimum solutions for a wide range of problems and opportunities in the coastal environment and a research and design culture encourages innovative approaches to new and traditional problems. Our flexible structure allows us to effectively meet the varying needs of our clients either in-house or by creating and managing project-specific teams of experts.

Created: 2006-08-19 Last Updated: 2010-08-20

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