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Linneuniversitete and Kenya Sea Turtle Conservation Committee

Previously Kenya Sea Turtle Conservation Committee
Acronym LNU and KESCOM
Type Research
P.O. Box 84688 Mombasa
Tel +254 733960494
Website http://www.kescom.org/
Activities KESCOM is currently a recognized umbrella body of stakeholders involved in sea turtle conservation in Kenya. KESCOM has helped establish community based turtle conservation groups (TCGs) which are involved in sea turtle education and awareness, sea turtle activity monitoring, beach clean ups, habitat rehabilitation through involvement of local fisher communities and schools.
Annually, over 50% of KESCOM’s budget is allocated to education and awareness activities. KESCOM coordinates some TCG activities and undertakes education, awareness and advocacy as its mainstream activities. Notable among the policy changes that KESCOM has participated in include the Wildlife Policy, the Fisheries Policy and the ICZM policy. Education and awareness/advocacy information continues to be disseminated through organized meetings, lectures, informal meetings, the production and distribution of awareness materials including T-shirts, education and awareness campaign manuals, posters and brochures, newsletters as well as through this website and our blog (www.seaturtle.wildlifedirect.org) as well as the monthly newsletter, the Jambo Kasa. The target groups have been the fisher communities, boat operators, tourists, school children, resource managers and policy makers.
This awareness has led to increased support of sea turtle conservation through community action and establishment of a strong network that brings together various government institutions, individuals, organizations and community based turtle conservation groups. Through these systems, were also able to reach areas not yet covered.

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