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Event Type Meeting
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2011-03-07 - End: 2011-03-08
Location San Juan, Puerto Rico
Summary IOCARIBE of IOC UNESCO organized this meeting jointly with NOAA and the Puerto Rico Seismic Network and the University of Puerto Rico an IOCARIBE-GOOS Strategic Planning Meeting. The Meeting took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico March 7-8, 2011 in conjunction with the Third Regional Workshop in the Workshop Series of the GEO Coastal Zone Community of Practice (CZCP) at the same venue from 9 to 11 March 2011. The Meeting was attended by 14 participants from 7 countries of the IOCARIBE Region. The work of the IOCARIBE-GOOS Steering Committee and the future of IOCARIBE-GOOS was reviewed to renew regional and member state commitments.  An evaluation of the state of Ocean Observations and related initiatives going on in the region was effected. The IOCARIBE GOOS Planning Meeting updated the IOCARIBE-GOOS governance component and decided the creation of an IOCARIBE GOOS Working Group composed of nominated state representatives with the possibility of inclusion of additional experts at discretion of the IOCARIBE GOOS Officers. The meeting discussed the new Terms of Reference for the working group. The meeting recommended developing a six year Implementation Plan that meets both the advice from the GOOS Advisory Panels and the needs of the region.  The initial focus for the Implementation Plan shall address the sea level and coastal meteorology components of the observing system. It also was agreed the establishment of National GOOS Committees for the IOCARIBE Region. The role of the IOCARIBE-GOOS Steering Committee to be assumed by the IOC Sub-Commission for the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions IOCARIBE. Objectives of the Meeting: - To evaluate the state of Ocean Observations and related initiatives in the region; - To renew regional and Member State commitments to IOCARIBE-GOOS; - To update the IOCARIBE-GOOS governance structure and implementation plans - To evaluate the role of IOCARIBE-GOOS within the context of the new GOOS and Global Observing Systems Landscape.

Event Entered By Thomas GROSS
Staff Cesar TORO

Group(s): GOOS
Created: 2011-03-03 18:09:13
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