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2nd DBCP Africa/Western Indian Ocean Capacity Building Workshop

Event Type Workshop
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2011-05-02 - End: 2011-05-07
Location Mauritius Oceanography Institute, Mauritius Oceanography Institute 4th Floor, France Centre Victoria Avenue , Quatre Bornes, Mauritius
Short Title WIO-DBCP II
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  • Implementation and Operations Of Indian Ocean Data Buoy Networks and their Applications for Enhancing Regional Predictive Capability
  • Goals for the workshop: (i) Continue to Build Capacity Within Regional Institutes to Apply New Indian Ocean Observing System (IndOOS) Data, such as from RAMA and others, for Enhanced Predictive Capability for the Region, (ii) Provide Training in Deployments and Management of In-situ Ocean Observations, (iii) Coordinate with AMESD for In-situ Ocean Observations for the Western Indian Ocean, (iv) Continue to Build In-Region Modelling Development Teams (MDT) and Observation Development Teams (ODT), including for the implementation of buoy programmes

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    Local Host: Mauritius Oceanography Institute (MOI)
    ACKNOWLEDGMENT: DBCP Workshop 2011 is held in partnership with SCOR Working Group 136 On the Climatic Importance of the Greater Agulhas System
Web site http://www.jcomm.info/wio-dbcp2
Keywords JCOMM IOC OPA DBCP capacity building CB Africa West Indian Ocean

Event Entered By Boram LEE
Organisers Mika ODIDO (contact for IOC, Paris)
Nick D'ADAMO (contact for IOC, Perth)
Etienne CHARPENTIER (contact for WMO)
Sidney W. THURSTON (contact for DBCP)
Juliet HERMES (contact for SCOR)
Augustus VOGEL (contact for SCOR)

Group(s): Capacity Development , JCOMM
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