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OceanTeacher Academy Course MIM: Training Course on Data Curation for Information Professionals and in-depth Digitization Practicum

Event Type Training Course
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2011-09-26 - End: 2011-09-30
Location UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE, UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE Wandelaarkaai 7, Oostende, Belgium
Short Title Data Curation for Information Professionals and Digitization
Summary Group Picture Course Description There are a number of training courses devoted to data management and access. However most seem to be geared toward the scientist. As libraries become partners in the curation and archiving of research data, existing skill sets must be expanded and new expertise developed. This course will introduce information professionals to the history of scientific data and the e-science lifecycle. Practical experience in digitization of a document with inclusion of data link will be accomplished. Topics Covered Introduction to the information professionals’ role in data curation and management. Will cover survey and assessment of data, data profiles, data management plans and data citation and metadata. New and developing methodologies will be discussed, as well as data mandates by scientific funding agencies, governments, etc. Current Data Projects will be highlighted, as well as the skills, role and career structure of data scientists and curators now and in the future. Practical Digitization activity will be included. Learning Outcomes/Goals Students will have an advanced knowledge of the current landscape in data curation. Students will understand the e-science mandate and life-cycle and their possible future role in this. Students will have the skill to create an appraisal guide tailored to their particular work place and basic skill in writing data citations in various formats. Students will have the skill to digitize a document and create data citation and deposit to a Repository Prerequisites: Basic IT skills For further information and how to apply please consult www.oceanteacher.org.
Notes Details on how to get to Oostende and the IOC Project Office available at Documents section [see 'General Local Info']
Web site http://www.oceanteacher.org
Keywords MIM (Marine Information Management)

Event Entered By Peter PISSIERSSENS
Organisers Linda PIKULA
Annelies GROEN
Participants mrivero@oceano.inf.cu

Group(s): IODE , Capacity Development
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