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Fossilized Coral beds of District Gwadar, Makran, Baluchistan

Event Type Internship
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2010-07-23 - End: 2010-08-23
Location , bungalow no.74 Newtown Gwadar, Gwadar, Pakistan
Short Title Fossilized coral beds
Summary Pleistocene fossilized coral beds are present on tectonically uplifted raise beach on Jiwani formation of Pleistocene age in District Gwadar, Makran Baluchistan, Pakistan. Fossilized Corals in the study area are found in jiwani and Gwadar Headlands. I have studied fossilized corals of Jiwani formation but in a very small scale. Fossilized corals in Jiwani are found in Jiwani formation in the form of Paleo reef. Apparently the biodiversity of the reef at a time when it was thriving must have been enormously rich and diverse. These fossilized corals are concentrated in three different locations within 9km area approximately from North to South. In Jiwani, fossilized Corals are found in tectonically uplifted raise beach. The age of fossilized corals is Pleistocene and their mineralogy is calcite to aragonite. Unfortunately, the length of time plus available funds was not enough for deep study of these precious natural gifts.
Notes Intend to deeply study these precious gift of nature ( Fossilized Coral )if any one fund me in future.
Keywords Fossilized corals, Gwadar

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