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Fourth International Port Meteorological Officers (PMO) Workshop, and Support to Global Ocean Observations using Ship Logistics

Event Type Workshop
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2010-12-08 - End: 2010-12-10
Location Hilton Garden Inn, Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, United States
Short Title PMO-IV
Summary Major aims for the workshop are to convey important recent developments (e.g. regarding WMO publication No. 47, enhanced PMO communications), promoting global standards of service for the VOS Scheme, as well as building synergies between the different ocean observing system components relying on ship logistics (e.g. deployment of drifters and Argo floats, serving of moorings, etc).
Keywords OPA PMO PMO-4 ship VOS VOSP SOOP SOOPIP ASAP deployment opportunities logistics drifter Argo

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Organisers Etienne CHARPENTIER

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