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45th Session of IOC Executive Council

Event Type Meeting
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2012-06-26 - End: 2012-06-28
Location Room IV UNESCO Headquarters 7 Place de Fontenoy, Paris, France
Short Title IOC/EC-XLV
Decisions Approved (English, French, Spanish, Russian)
2.1 Agenda 2.2 Rapporteur 2.3 Sessional Committees and Working Groups 2.4 Timetable and documentation 3.1 Statement of the Chair on the State of the Commission 3.2(i) Report of the Executive Secretary 3.2(ii) Ocean Observations and Services 3.2(iii) Tsunami and Other Coastal Hazards Warning Systems 3.2(iv) Regional Subsidiary Bodies 3.2(v) Recruitment Process of the IOC Executive Secretary 4.1 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) 4.2 The Future Needs for Intergovernmental Coordination and Governance for Sustained Ocean Observations & Services 4.2.1 Centre for the Ocean Data Portal 4.3 Review of IOC/ABE-LOS 4.4 Report of the Chair of the Advisory Group on the Ocean Sciences Section 5.1 Status of IOC Budget and Priority Funding Plan for 2012–2013 5.2 Draft IOC Medium-Term Strategy for 2014–2021 5.3 Guidelines for Draft Resolutions 5.4 IOC Manual 5.5 Preparation of the Twenty-seventh Session of the Assembly 5.6 Preparation of the Forty-seventh Session of the Executive Council
Parts of the Summary Report
Part 2: Summary of discussions by Dr Sang-Kyung BYUN, IOC Chair (English, French, Spanish, Russian) Part 3: Procedural Report (English only)
Provisional List of Participants as of 28 June 2012
Click on the links below to see photos: Reception hosted by Monaco and the United States of America

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Web site http://IOC-unesco.org/ec45

Event Entered By Patrice BONED
Organisers Wendy WATSON-WRIGHT
Sang-Kyung BYUN
Staff Mitrasen BHIKAJEE
Patrice BONED
Simonetta SECCO

Group(s): IOC , GOOS , IODE , OOS
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