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International Conference “Climate and Water Balance Changes in the Caspian region”

Event Type Conference
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2010-10-19 - End: 2010-10-21
Location State institution “Caspian Marine Scientific Research Center” (SI “KaspMNIZ”) 14 Shiryaeva Str., Astrakhan, Russian Federation
Summary The conference is to cover issues of climate change and its impact on the Caspian region environment. • Climate change in the Caspian region in XIX - XXI centuries; • Links between regional and global climate changes; • Climate change and natural hazards in the Caspian region; • Impact of climate change on natural systems and economy of the Caspian region; • Changes of Caspian Sea water balance and level in XIX - XXI centuries; • Long-term forecasting of the Caspian sea level; • Impact of sea level fluctuations on coastal zones and marine economy; • Water balance and water resources of the Caspian Sea; • Issues of distribution and re-distribution of the river runoff in the Caspian basin.
Notes Please contact us on organization issues at ccw2010@mail.ru Register online at http://caspcom.com/index.php?razd=conf?=2
Web site http://http://caspcom.com/index.php?razd=conf&lang=2
Keywords Caspian, climate change, energy security

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