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GEF Transboundary Water Assessment Programme: LME and Open Ocean Working Groups

Event Type Meeting
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2010-02-03 - End: 2010-02-05
Location Paris, France
Short Title TWAP LME and OO WGs
Summary Provisional agenda and timetable » Logistics information for lodging and getting to IOC » The meeting starts at 9:00 on Wednesday 4 February in Room 16 TWAP is international initiative to develop a scientifically sound methodology for assessing the status and changing conditions of the world’s major shared freshwater and marine water bodies (groundwater, lakes/reservoirs, rivers, large marine ecosystems and open ocean areas) and to catalyze a partnership and institutional arrangements among relevant agencies and organisations to conduct an integrated global assessment using this methodology. More about the project > The Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) and Open Ocean Working Groups will meet concurrently in joint and parallel sessions.
Keywords JCOMM GEF TWAP LME open ocean

Event Entered By Albert FISCHER
Organisers Julian BARBIèRE (contact for LME)
Sherry HEILEMAN (contact for LME)
Keith ALVERSON (contact for OO)
Albert FISCHER (contact for OO)
Virginie BONNET (contact for travel arrangements, logistics)

Group(s): IOC , GOOS , IODE , JCOMM , OOS
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