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International Symposium on Boundary Current dynamics: its connection with open-ocean and coastal processes and responses to global climate change

Event Type Conference
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2010-05-31 - End: 2010-06-02
Location Qingdao, China
Summary Objectives Global climate changes have been, and will continue altering large scale ocean circulation and coastal processes, and exerting profound impacts on marine environments. The changing basin scale circulation can further shape both regional and global climate, and affect coastal processes through physical and biogeochemical exchanges. The major objective of this symposium is to bring internationally renowned climatologists and oceanographers together to synthesize our current understanding, and discuss future research forefronts in boundary currents and coastal processes within context of global climate changes.
Notes The questions to be addressed in this symposium will include, but not limit to: (1) What are key processes that determine variability of boundary currents in the tropical-subtropical basins ? how do climate changes affect these processes? How does boundary current variability affect climate? (2) What are the main dynamic processes that govern interactions between boundary currents and coastal seas? How does climate variability affect such interactions and change physical and biological states in coastal seas? (3) What are observational and modeling needs to address the dynamics and assess the future changes of deep ocean-marginal sea system? Chair: Dexing Wu (Ocean University of China) Co-chairs: Lixin Wu (Ocean University of China) Jiayan Yang (Woods Hole Oceanography Institute) Ruoyin He (North Carolina State University) Ping Chang (Texas A&M University) Xiaopei Lin (Ocean University of China)

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