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EUMETSAT/NOAA /IODE Training Course on the Use of Satellite Wind and Wave Products for Marine Forecasting

Event Type Training Course
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2009-12-14 - End: 2009-12-18
Location UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE, UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE Wandelaarkaai 7, Oostende, Belgium
Summary Co-sponsored by EUMETSAT and the Government of Flanders (through the IOC Project Office for IODE, Oostende). The goal of this course is to promote the widespread use of scatterometer-derived surface vector winds (SVW) and altimeter-derived significant wave heights (SWH) in operational marine analyses and forecasts worldwide, as a contribution to the protection of life and property at sea.
Keywords EUMETSAT NOAA DMPA JCOMM IODE services observations satellites wind training capacity building Ostend training

Event Entered By Peter PISSIERSSENS
Organisers Peter PISSIERSSENS (contact for participation)
Stanley WILSON (contact for programme)
Staff Wouter ROMMENS


Group(s): GOOS , IODE , Capacity Development , JCOMM , OOS
Created: 2009-09-29 14:01:44
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