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Hydrodynamic Modelling for Stakeholders of the WIO Region 1

Event Type Workshop
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2009-08-31 - End: 2009-09-05
Location Escola Superior de Ciencias Marinhas e Costeiras - Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Escola Superior de Ciencias Marinhas e Costeiras - Universidade Eduardo Mondlane Av. 1o de Julho, Aeroporto Expansão Chuabo Dembe , Quelimane, Mozambique
Short Title Modelling for Stakeholders WIO 1
Summary During this workshop hosted by Eduardo Mondlane University, Quelimane, Mozambique, institutes will develop hydrodynamic models and generate environmental information addressing management issues at a coastal site in their country. Local stakeholders, with whom the institutes work, plan to then use the information to make decisions on the resource and environmental management issues faced at their coastal site. Some of these issues include: climate change impacts on the coast, shore line change, aquiculture and water quality, and habitat management. Further information on the individual projects will be posted on the IOC Capacity Development website and linked below, which includes extensive new data collection and stakeholder interaction. These projects are a result of the broader capacity development strategy undertaken by Marine and coastal institutes with regional partners through the IOC Capacity Development programme (www.ioc-cd.org). For self learning and preparation, background documents are posted on the previous regional workshop website (http://www.ioc-unesco.org/modelling08) and can be downloaded from there as a single zip file. Additional reading is provided directly by the facilitator from the Center for Water Research, UWA, Australia, and the software, documentation and help forums on the ELCOM and CAEDYM models can be accessed through the website (http://www.cwr.uwa.edu.au).

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