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International Conference on Marine Ecosystems

Event Type Conference
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2009-05-26 - End: 2009-05-28
Location Malaysia
Short Title INCOMES
Summary The productivity and diversity of marine ecosystems act as invaluable natural resource which is vital to the survival and well being of the human kind. This is especially crucial for a maritime nations like Malaysia. Today, increasing human activities such as over-fishing, coastal development, pollution, introduction of exotic species and climate change have caused significant damage that could pose a serious threat to this fragile environment. Marine resource management has become one of the most challenging problems faced by nations worldwide. Transboundary and integrated marine resource management strategies are crucial to ensure the future sustainability of the ecosystem. Hence it is timely to initiate this International Conference on Marine Ecosystem which focuses on discussing and addressing issues related to challanges in maintaining the sustainability of the ecosystem. This conference offers an opportunity for marine experts to share and explore cutting edge technology and knowledge in marine sciences to ensure long term stability of this rich natural heritage.
Web site http://www.ekomar.ukm.my/incomes2009/
Keywords Marine Ecosystem, Marine Science, Marine Chemistry, Marine Biology, Physical Oceanography

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