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Baltic Floating University Planning Workshop - 1995

Event Type Workshop
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 1995-03-22 - End: 1995-03-25
Location Russian State Hydrometeorological University, Russian Federation
Short Title BFU Workshop - 1995
Summary BFU Planning Workshop in Russian State Hydrometeorological Institute (RSHI), St.Petersburg, co-sponsored by UNESCO and the Gulf of Finland Environment Society - SULA (Finland)
Notes Prof L.Karlin (RSHI), Dr D.Troost (UNESCO/CSI), Dr V.Troyan (StPSU, Russia), Mr R.Thompson Coon (SULA, Finland), Prof A.Nekrasov (RSHI), Dr N.Plink (RSHI), Dr R.Sagitov (Baltic Fund for Nature, Russia), Dr V. Kutuzov (StPEU, Russia), Dr V.Dmitriev (StPSU, Russia), Dr V.Vorobyev (RSHI), Dr P.Vaalipakka (City of Kotka, Finland), Dr V.Sychev (RSHI), Prof V.Galtsova (ZIN, Russia), Dr N.Silina (SHI, Russia), Mr V.Sharomov (HSN, Russia), Dr A.Kondratyev, Mr D.Gustoev, Dr V.Korovin (RSHI) // STUDENTS (RSHI): A.Ozerov (Russia), V.Radikevitch (Russia), O.Bacodji (Cameroon)
Web site http://www.rshu.ru/eng/bfu
Keywords bfu

Event Entered By Alexandra ERSHOVA
Organisers Tatiana EREMINA
Staff Vitaly SYCHEV
Valentina GALTSOVA

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