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Caspian Floating Univesrity cruise - 2005, Leg 1

Event Type Training Course
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2005-07-20 - End: 2005-07-30
Location , Russian Federation
Short Title CFU - 2005, Leg 1
Summary Multi-ship expedition to study water dynamics in the Caspian Coastal Zone and its impact on distribution of biological communities. Leg 1 - Kazakhstan coastal zone of North Caspian, using R/V rented by Oil and Gas Institute, Atyrau.
Notes STUDENTS (Atyrau, Kazakhstan): A. Sakharbaev; A. Abilgazieva; A. Shekhmanova; D. Kenzhegalieva; D. Kalimanova // TUTORS: A. Kenzhegaliev (leader); A. Kambetov (lecturer)
Keywords CFU, TTR-Caspian

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