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International Seminar on the organization of IOC UNESCO Floating University project in the Caspian Sea

Event Type Meeting
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 1999-11-22 - End: 1999-11-23
Location , Astrakhan, Russian Federation
Short Title CFU seminar - 1999
Summary Experts from countries bordering the Caspian Sea addressed scientific issues and exchanged views on the Training-Through-Research Programme for the region. As a main result of the meeting, the participants agreed on launching of a ‘Floating University’.
Notes PARTICIPANTS: Dr. I. Oliounine (IOC/UNESCO); Dr. Z.M. Kuliev (Azerbaijan); Dr. M.A.O. Salmanov (Azerbaijan); Dr. H. Zomorrodian (Iran); Mrs. J.A. Kim (Kazakhstan); Dr. I.V. Mitrofanov(Kazakhstan); Dr. V.N. Zhivago (Russia); Dr. A.Y. Tolkachev (Russia); Dr. M.K. Ivanov (Russia); Dr. L.N. Karlin (Russia); Dr. N.L. Plink (Russia); Dr. V.F. Brekhovskikh (Russia); Dr. L.S. Krayushkina (Russia); Dr. M.I. Orlova (Russia); Dr. N.V. Aladin (Russia); Dr. A.N. Kosarev (Russia); Dr. V.V. Sapozhnikov (Russia); Dr. V.P. Ivanov (Russia); Dr. V.N. Belyaeva (Russia); Dr. F.M. Shakirova (Turkmenistan); Dr. L. Debus (Germany)
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Keywords CFU, TTR-Caspian

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