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University of the Sea - 2007, Leg 2

Event Type Training Course
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2007-10-28 - End: 2007-11-21
Location , Australia
Short Title UoS - 2007, Leg 2
Summary An annual "training-through-research" cruise in Asia Pacific region for local students and researchers under the UNESCO/IOC programme (Faust-Capel Basins, northern Lord Howe Region)
Notes STAFF: Dr Andrew D. Heap (Chief Scientist), Dr Jane Jelbart (Australia); STUDENTS: Mary Mulcahy (Australia); Hannah Power (Australia); Nishantha Kalutharage (Sri Lanka); Alexander Rattray (Australia); Chelsea Buckley (Australia); Alexandra Bloomfield (Australia)
Web site http://www.usims.org.usyd.edu.au/floating.html
Keywords UoS, TTR-Asia/Pacific

Event Entered By Alexandra ERSHOVA
Organisers Elaine BAKER (contact for event details and contacts)

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