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Baltic Floating University Cruise, 1999 - Leg 1

Event Type Training Course
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 1999-07-30 - End: 1999-08-20
Location Russian State Hydrometeorological University, Russian Federation
Short Title BFU - 1999
Summary An annual "training-through-research" cruise in the Baltic Sea (including a Mid-cruise and Post-cruise seminars) for students from Russia and other countries under the UNESCO/IOC programme. Leg 1 - onboard the RV "Sibiryakov"
Notes STUFF (Russia): Dr T.Eremina, Dr G.Gogoberidze, Dr A.Averkiev, Dr V.Frolov, Dr P.Provotorov, Dr A.Maximov, D.Gustoev, T.Lakhov, Y.Scherbakov, S.Vilenkin, A.Isaev, L.Savelieva, A.Nikiforov, I.Shilov, G.Bashkina // STUDENTS: C.Martinez Velasco (Spain), R.Osuna Aguilar (Spain), L.Revenga Giertych (Spain), E.Garcia Luque (Spain), G.Gimbutaite (Lithuania), I.Docyte (Lithuania), I.Sliuzinskaite (Lithuania), D.Lunina (Estonia), M.Riisig (Estonia), D.Tuura (Estonia), // Students (Russia): S.Vinogradov, S.Tyuryakov, E.Kosakovskaya, J.Malakhova, T.Gurova, J.Karpeeva, A.Korchemny, A.Ivanov, E.Domashov, A.Gordeeva, A.Rubchenya, V.Grigorieva.
Web site http://www.rshu.ru/eng/bfu/
Keywords bfu

Event Entered By Alexandra ERSHOVA
Organisers Alexandra ERSHOVA
Staff Tatiana EREMINA

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