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Event Type Training Course
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2016-08-15 - End: 2016-08-19
Location Comisión Permanente de Contingencias, Choluteca, Honduras
Summary The five TEMPP training workshops cover the following topics: •Tsunami Modeling (use of ComMIT software), July 27-31, 2015 •Tsunami Seismic Sources and Tsunami Inundation Map Development (based on prior ComMIT training), February 29 – March 3, 2016 •Tsunami Evacuation Mapping (based on inundation maps), August 15-19, 2016 •Tsunami Response Plans and Exercises, September 26-30, 2016 •Tsunami Exercise (including evacuation), expected November / December 2016 The ITIC, with NOAA’s Caribbean Tsunami Warning Program (CTWP), and the UNESCO IOC are organizing the trainings. The language of trainings will be Spanish. Course materials will be in both Spanish and English. TEMPP emphasizes a team approach for building country tsunami preparedness. Each TEMPP training builds from the previous training, and it is assumed that once trained, participants will share the information learned on return to their country. A TEMPP country team should be comprised of, at a minimum, all participants to the TEMPP trainings. It should include scientists (responsible for tsunami hazard risk assessment and tsunami inundation modeling), GIS experts (responsible for making maps), emergency managers (responsible for tsunami public safety and preparedness), and tsunami warning center staff (responsible for issuing warnings for during events). The TEMPP3 training, August 15-18, 2016, will builds from the second training (TEMPP2, Tsunami Inundation Mapping), and will teach the process for creating reliable tsunami evacuation maps for communities. It is recommended that the TEMPP3 participant have experience in the use of Graphical User Information tools (especially QGIS software) to make maps, and/or should be the person responsible for the development of tsunami evacuation maps in the country. Prior to attending, the TEMPP3 participant should meet with the TEMPP1 and TEMPP2 participant(s) to receive the tsunami inundation map that will be used to create the tsunami evacuation map.
Keywords PTWS, Central America, Tsunami Evacuation, TEMPP

Event Entered By Bernardo ALIAGA ROSSEL
Organisers Bernardo ALIAGA ROSSEL (contact for Agenda)
Laura KONG (contact for Agenda)
Carolina HINCAPIé-CáRDENAS (contact for Agenda and Logistics)
Staff Bernardo ALIAGA ROSSEL

Group(s): IOC , Capacity Development , Tsunami , ITIC
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