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North Pacific Marine Science Organization’s Twenty Fifth Annual Meeting

Event Type Meeting
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2016-11-02 - End: 2016-11-13
Location San Diego, United States
Short Title PICES-2016
Summary The theme of this year’s meeting will be 25 Years of PICES: Celebrating the Past, Imagining the Future. The scientific program, schedule, registration, hotel accommodation and other logistics for meeting can be found on the PICES website at: http://meetings.pices.int/meetings/annual/2016/pices/scope Many sessions and workshops in the program will be of interest to your Organization. Schedule Program GOOS’s presence at the MONITOR Committee Meetings on November 6 and 9 will be useful for PICES and exchange of opinions about collaboration. On-line Registration and Abstract Submission are now open http://meetings.pices.int/meetings/annual/2016/pices/registration http://meetings.pices.int/meetings/annual/2016/pices/submissions Please pre-register and submit an abstract to “Observer Poster” session. Deadline for an early registration and abstract submission is July 1.
Web site http://meetings.pices.int/meetings/annual/2016/pices/scope

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Group(s): GOOS
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