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Experts Meeting on Sources of tsunamis in the Caribbean with possibility to impact the southern coast of the Dominican Republic

Event Type Workshop
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2016-05-06 - End: 2016-05-07
Location Ead, Sala A, cuarto piso, ala este de la Biblioteca Pedro Mir Ciudad Universitaria, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Short Title Tsunami Hazard in Southern Dominican Republic
Summary Although parts of the southern coast of the Dominican Republic have been affected by tsunamis, as Azua in 1751 and Pedernales in 2010, the sources of these tsunamis has not been clearly identified, nor is it clear which are the sources of tsunamis in the Caribbean region with enough potential to impact southern areas of Dominican Republic. Tsunami preparedness is under development in Dominican Republic: tsunami Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been developed by the main agencies in charge of warning and emergency management, seismic monitoring and seismic data sharing has improved, as well as deployment of tidal gauges. The aim of this meeting, jointly organised by the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) and UNESCO’s IOC, is to identify credible seismic sources in the Caribbean with enough potential to produce tsunamis that may affect the south coast of the Dominican Republic. We thanks the European Union for providing support through the project \"Life-Saving Actions: Disaster preparedness and seismic and tsunami risk reduction in the south coast of San Cristóbal province, Dominican Republic» managed by UNDP Dominican Republic, UNESCO and the Assembly of Cooperation for Peace (ACPP).
Keywords CARIBE EWS, Dominican Republic, tsunami hazard

Event Entered By Bernardo ALIAGA ROSSEL
Organisers Bernardo ALIAGA ROSSEL (contact for Agenda)
Eugenio POLANCO RIVERA (contact for Logistica)
Staff Bernardo ALIAGA ROSSEL

Group(s): IOC , Tsunami
Created: 2016-04-07 02:34:46
Last Updated: 2016-10-07 13:57:40