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ODIP II First Workshop

Event Type Workshop
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2015-09-28 - End: 2015-10-01
Location IBIS Alésia Montparnasse hotel, Paris, France
Short Title ODIP
Click on the image for fullsize. The first workshop of the ODIP II project will build on the outcomes of the previous ODIP project and will further develop these and the additional activities planned for the follow-on project. The scope of ODIP II has been extended to include other disciplines and new partners. The workshop agenda includes sessions to introduce the project to the new participants and also some of the additional themes and objectives outlined for ODIP II in the description of action (DoA). As for previous workshops, the programme includes a dedicated session for each of the existing prototype development tasks. These sessions will provide a final progress report for each of these tasks including an opportunity to identify potential prototype extensions which will be developed as part of the on-going activities in ODIP II. The additional sessions included in the agenda will introduce some of the new themes added for the ODIP II project and will also be used to formulate further prototype development tasks for ODIP II. The three recurring discussion topics which were identified and discussed during the previous ODIP project workshops have also been included in the programme for this meeting. These sessions will provide an update on recent developments in these areas and also be used as an opportunity to identify further cross-cutting topics that should be included in future workshops. Please note that while every effort has been made to have a coherent programme for the workshop it has been necessary to schedule some topics/discussions to accommodate those people who are participating in the workshop remotely from other time zones. Workshop Sessions Session, Title, Leader 1, Introduction, Helen Glaves 2, ODIP Prototype 1, Dick Schaap 3, ODIP Prototype 2, Anne Che-Bohnenstengel & Friedrich Nast 4, ODIP Prototype 3, Jonathan Hodge 5, ODIP prototype development tasks: feedback on outcomes and possible next steps, Helen Glaves 6, Vocabularies/Persistent identifiers, Roy Lowry 7, Model workflows and big data, Adam Leadbetter 8, Data publication and citation, Justin Buck 9, Cross-cutting topics: break-outs, TBA 10, Cross-cutting topics break-out session reports, Helen Glaves 11, ODIP II: new development activities & cross cutting themes, Dick Schaap 12, Workshop wrap-up, Helen Glaves
Web site http://www.odip.org/

Event Entered By Adi KAKODKAR
Organisers Athanasia (Sissy) IONA

Group(s): IOC , IODE
Created: 2015-10-07 09:24:34
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