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Intersessional Financial Advisory Group, 2016-2017

Event Type Meeting
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2016-08-30 - End: 2017-06-20
Location IOC-UNESCO, IOC-UNESCO 7 Place de Fontenoy , Paris, France
Short Title IFAG
Summary In pursuance to Resolution XXVIII-3 (June 2015) and Resolution EC-XLIX-2 adopted by the IOC Executive Council at its 49th session in June 2016, the open-ended Intersessional Financial Advisory Group (IFAG) is re-constituted under the chairmanship of Vice-chair Ariel Troisi to provide guidance to the Executive Secretary in preparing the Draft Programme and Budget for 2018–2021 . The group will mainly work by correspondence. After the issuance of IOC Circular Letter 2639, the group is composed of members from the following Member States: Australia, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Japan. Under agenda item 1 (IOC Audit by the External Auditor - 2016), comments on the preliminary draft implementation plan were received from France and Kuwait. Find their contributions in the Document section.

Event Entered By Patrice BONED
Organisers Ariel TROISI (contact for Chairperson)
Xenia YVINEC (contact for Technical Secretary)

Group(s): IOC
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