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Protect Our Oceans, Maritime Security Conference

Event Type Conference
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2015-11-02 - End: 2015-11-07
Location African Union,
Short Title Lomé Conference
Summary The aim of the Lomé Conference is to make maritime space the key driver of Africa\'s economic and social development. The Heads of State and Government of the 54 countries in the African Union will meet in Lomé in early November 2015, with experts and leaders from the business world, in order to establish a roadmap on Maritime Security in Africa. 2 to 3 nov : Experts session 4 to 5 nov : Ministerial Session 6 nov : Side event with agencies IOC, IHO, WMO, FAO , IMO, Conventions, Lecturers through Panel session in the morning and Workshop in the afternoon. The title of Side event is : Sciences, applications, security and futur of coasts, seas and oceans in Africa. It is an great opportunity for regional programs, projects and Abidjan and Nairobi Conventions, IOC/AFRICA to act face to Head of States regarding important issues and the future of oceanography in Africa. 7 nov : Summit of Head of States and Government on Maritime Security and Development for Africa.
Web site http://www.african-union-togo2015.com

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