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International Training Course on "Indian Ocean Dynamics : From the Large-scale Circulation to Small-scale Eddies and Fronts"

Event Type Training Course
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2015-11-16 - End: 2015-11-27
Location Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services, "Ocean Valley", Pragathinagar (BO), Nizampet(SO), Hyderabad - 500 090, India
Short Title Training Course on Indian Ocean Dynamics
Summary Ocean circulation affects climate, the marine ecosystem, and directly impacts society (through navigation, transport of sediment and pollution, fisheries etc.). Therefore, the processes that determine these phenomena are critical for a complete understanding of the seas around us. The course will include a brief description of observational features, but it will emphasize the theoretical framework that underlies them. The course will cover: (i)Large-scale circulation of the open ocean-Observations, simulations with general circulation and simple models, and the processes underlying the dynamics (ii)Comparison of model simulations with direct current measurements (iii)Shelf circulation (iv)Instabilities: Eddies, fronts, and filaments. The goal of this course is to provide a dynamical foundation for understanding oceanographic phenomena on a range of temporal and spatial scales.
Notes The course will be conducted by Prof. Julian P. McCreary, Jr., International Pacific Research Centre (IPRC), University of Hawai, USA. The last date for submission of the application form is 15/09/2015
Web site http:// http://www.incois.gov.in/portal/ITCOocean/ITCOocean_ODLS.jsp​
Keywords Indian Ocean Dynamics, Instabilities

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Organisers Bidarhalli MADHUSUDAN RAO (contact for sending Application form)

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