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20th Biennial 2016 Ecological and Evolutionary Ethology of Fishes Meeting

Event Type Meeting
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2016-06-14 - End: 2016-06-16
Location Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory, Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory 3618 Coastal Highway 98, St Teresa, United States
Short Title 20th EEEF Meeting - 2016
Summary The EEEF Steering Committee organized the 2016 Meeting around four primary themes, outlined below, and identified keynote speakers for each them. We now seek contributed papers and posters that address these themes. Instructions for submitting abstracts for consideration of contributed talks or posters are provided elsewhere on the website. Population Genomics of fishes. Chair, Dr. Joseph Travis Keynote Speaker � Dr. Kimberly Hughes, Florida State University We encourage presentations of research that are focused on all aspects of genetics and genomic analyses in fishes. We would especially like to receive contributions in these areas: analyses of population structure and connectedness in marine fishes genomic analyses of local adaptation and population divergence patterns of gene expression associated with behavioral, morphological, and life-history variation new advances in phylogenomics of fishes evidence of adaptive evolutionary responses to anthropogenic environmental changes Sensory ecology, movement patterns, and behavior - Chair, Dr. Nathan Putman Keynote Speaker: Dr. Dean Grubbs, Florida State University Studies on how animals perceive their environment and use this information make movement decisions show considerable promise for enhancing our ability to predict spatiotemporal variation in fish distributions across a wide-range of spatial scales (from localized school formation to transoceanic migrations). This session invites presentations that consider fish movement from a variety of perspectives, including sensory biology, biomechanics, behavioral ecology, and biogeography the influence of ecosystem changes induced by anthropogenic impacts Species Interactions � Chair Dr. Chip Cotton Keynote speaker � Dr. Felicia Coleman, Florida State University The current shift towards a multispecies, ecosystem-based approach dramatically changes the playing field in natural resource management, bringing species interactions into the mix (e.g., predator-prey, parasite-host, mutualisms) and changing the spatial scales at which systems are investigated to determine the role that habitat plays in mediating these interactions. We invite contributions that address these topics in fishes as well as those that include the effects of large-scale anthropogenic events such as fishing, climate change, and eutrophication. Biodiversity: Discovery, Variation & Conservation - Chair, Dr. Colette St. Mary. Keynote Speaker � Dr. Lawrence M Page, University of Florida This session brings together presentations that reflect a diversity of perspectives in today�s research on the global crisis in biodiversity. As extinction pressures increase, scientists face numerous challenges in cataloguing existing diversity, understanding the nature of that diversity, and prioritizing and implementing conservation efforts. Work in each of these areas often proceeds without reference to the others; here is an opportunity for greater communication and exchange.
Notes Call for papers
Web site http://marinelab.fsu.edu/eeef/
Keywords fish ecology, fish behavior, fish evolution, migration, species interaction, sensory ecology, genetics

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Organisers Felicia COLEMAN (contact for Abstract submission)

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