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International Applied Science Conference “Hydrometeorological and Environmental Security of Marine Economy”

Event Type Conference
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2015-10-16 - End: 2015-10-17
Location , 14 Shiryaeva Str., Astrakhan, Russian Federation
Short Title HESME 2015
Summary We are happy to announce the forthcoming International Applied Science Conference “Hydrometeorological and Environmental Security of Marine Economy”. The Conference will be held in Astrakhan (Russia) on October 16-17, 2015. The Conference is held under the auspices of the Coordinating Committee on Hydrometeorology and Pollution Monitoring of the Caspian Sea (CASPCOM) with the assistance of the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring of the Russian Federation (Roshydromet). High-quality and timely hydrometeorological services and environmental management are the key elements for the safe, effective and greener marine economy. The objective of the Conference is to establish and expand opportunities for partnerships between businesses and scientific community in the field of hydrometeorological and environmental security of marine economic activities. The Conference will give the opportunity for business representatives (sea transport, offshore oil and gas operators, fishery and recreation) to meet the providers of hydrometeorological services and environmental managers and to focus on the current challenges. Researchers in their turn will be able to present recent research outputs and technologies, share new ideas and best practices and determine the priority areas for further research. The Conference will focus on marginal and mediterranean seas of Eurasia. The conference organizers invite plenary, poster and session contributions, which address the following subject areas: 1. Marine hydrometeorological and ice forecasts 2. Monitoring and assessment of marine pollution, and standard-setting 3. Engineering and hydrometeorological surveys and ice research 4. Oil spill response 5. Development of observation networks 6. Application of remote sensing data for ensuring hydrometeorological and environmental security of marine economy
Web site http://www.caspcom.com/index.php?razd=conf2015&lang=2
Keywords hydrology, meteorology, environmental pollution, oil spill, remote sensing, offshor activities

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