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3rd ODIP Workshop

Event Type Workshop
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2014-08-05 - End: 2014-08-08
Location Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville, Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville PMB No. 3 , Townsville MC, Australia
Summary Building on the work done during the 2nd ODIP workshop the 3rd workshop will focus on the three prototype development tasks that are currently being undertaken by the ODIP partners. The agenda for the workshop includes a dedicated session for each prototype development task. The individual sessions are made up of a short plenary to give an overview of the prototype under development and an update of current progress / activities which is then followed by a period for discussion. There will then be break-out sessions that provide each prototype development group with the opportunity to work in small groups. Please note that each break-out session will have parallel groups. However, a number of people are participating in more than one of the prototype projects and where there is a conflict priority should be given to the designated prototype development project in each session. Three additional discussion topics have been included in the meeting programme. These topics were identified and prioritized during the ODIP project partners meeting that was held at the EGU conference (April 2014). An expert for each topic from the three main geographic areas (Europe, USA and Australia) has been nominated and selected in consultation with the local representative for each of the regions. Each topic session has a nominated leader and a rapporteur will also be selected for each one on the first day of the workshop. While every effort has been made to have a coherent programme for the workshop it has been necessary to schedule some topics/discussions to accommodate those people who are participating in the workshop remotely from other time zones. Workshop Sessions Session, Title, Leader 1, ODIP Prototype 1, Dick Schaap 2, ODIP Prototype 2, Bob Arko 3, ODIP Prototype 3, Roger Proctor 4, Vocabularies/Persistent identifiers, Simon Cox/Roy Lowry 5, Data publication and citation, Cyndy Chandler 6, Data ingestion, Dick Schaap 7, Workshop wrap-up, Helen Glaves
Web site http://www.odip.org

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Group(s): IOC , IODE , JCOMM
Created: 2014-08-12 07:34:49
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