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First Session of the Tropical Pacific Observing System, 2020 Steering Committee

Event Type Meeting
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2014-10-06 - End: 2014-10-09
Location Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology 787 Haeanlo, Ansan, Korea Rep
Short Title TPOS 2020 SC-1
Summary A review of the Tropical Pacific Observing System culminated in the TPOS Workshop, held in January 2014. The main recommendation of the work was to establish a TPOS 2020 project, with the aim to oversee the transition of the observing system to an integrated and more robust and sustainable system through 2020 and beyond. The Steering Committee for the TPOS 2020 Project has been formed, and will meet for the first time Seoul, Korea hosted by KIOST from the 6-9th October 2014. The TPOS workshop documents, including whitepapers, presentations and final report are available on the Workshop website (www.ioc-goos.org/tpos2020) and provide valuable background to this meeting. The shortcut link to this site is: www.ioc-goos.org/tpos2020sc1

Event Entered By Katherine (Katy) HILL
Organisers Andrea MCCURDY
Katherine (Katy) HILL
Naesun PARK
Staff Katherine (Katy) HILL
Naesun PARK


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