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OTGA-SPINCAM: Training course on e-Repositories

Event Type Training Course
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2014-05-26 - End: 2014-05-30
Location Venue: Universidad del Pacífico, Campus Guayaquil. Address: Vía la Costa km 7.5. , Guayaquil, Ecuador
Summary Course overview: The SPINCAM project (Southeast Pacific Data and Information Network in Support to Integrated Coastal Area Management) was designed to establish an integrated coastal area management (ICAM) indicator framework at national and regional level in the countries of the Southeast Pacific region (Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Peru) focusing on the state of the coastal and marine environment and socio-economic conditions, to provide stakeholders with information and atlases on the sustainability of existing and future coastal management practices and development. One of the priority areas for training for SPINCAM members is the development and maintenance of e-repositories for each country participating in the project. This course aims at addressing these training needs and will focus on the practical use of repositories. Target Audience: SPINCAM members who: Plan to set up a repository or use the OceanDocs repository Manage the scientific output (publications, images, datasets, etc) of their organization and/or country The course targets, although not exclusively: Information Managers, Repository Managers, Data Librarians and Librarians as well as data managers working for the national NODC’s. Learning objectives: Understand the Open Access landscape Set up and manage an institutional/national or thematic repository; Course prerequisites: Basic Knowledge of: Computer Literacy; Digital Environment; Cataloguing and/or management of publications or data. Instructors: Pauline Simpson – Central Caribbean Marine Institute, Cayman Islands; OceanDocs Manager (Course Organiser) Imma Subirats – FAO, Rome, Italy (Lecturer) Leticia Lizondo – INIDEP, Argentina (Lecturer/Training Assistant) Xavier Ochoa (Invited Lecturer - Local) Paola Bongiovanni (Invited Lecturer - WebEx) Manuel Hidalgo (Invited Lecturer - WebEx) Josefina Siguencia (Invited Lecturer -WEBEX) IT Support Steve Erique – CPPS, Guayaquil, Ecuador Venue/Dates: 26 – 30 May 2013 Hotel in Guayaquil, Ecuador (specific venue to be confirmed)
Notes All course contents will be made available through the OceanTeacher Learning Platform (www.oceanteacher.org) Course Venue: Universidad del Pacífico, Campus Guayaquil. Address: Vía la Costa km 7.5. Notes: This course will not cover technical aspects of setting up the DSpace software. The course will be held in the Spanish language
Web site http://classroom.oceanteacher.org/course/view.php?id=182
Keywords MIM; marine information management; e-repositories; open access; OceanDocs

Event Entered By Cláudia DELGADO
Organisers Cláudia DELGADO (contact for Course Contents)
Alejandro IGLESIAS-CAMPOS (contact for Organisation & Logistics)
Fernando FéLIX (contact for Organisation & Logistics)
Staff Steve ERIQUE

Group(s): IODE , Capacity Development , ICAN
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