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Plant biodiversity towards the climate change and advances in biotechnology : Issues and Perspectives preservation

Event Type Conference
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2014-03-27 - End: 2014-03-29
Location Marrakech, Morocco
Short Title The 2nd International Conference of Plant Biodiversity
Summary Various nuisances (overuse, drought, pollution, …) await plant biodiversity, which requires the implementation of a strategy for Research and Development-oriented depth knowledge of plant heritage. Aware of the economic and scientific stakes plant, Morocco and other countries are currently focusing all their efforts to find, preserve and enhance the plant and algae biodiversity (Phytoplankton, algae, phanerogame). The rational exploitation of plants and algae and use of bio-economic models applied to the management of natural ecosystems, are good ways to ensure sustainable development. This conference is a forum for dialogue and exchange between researchers and socio-economic operators to contribute to the development of a strategy for the sustainable use of plant biological heritage.
Web site http://biodiversityvegetalmarrakech.wordpress.com/themes/
Keywords Biodiversity, microalgea, pollution, phycotoxine

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