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Event Type Meeting
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2013-10-07 - End: 2013-10-10
Location Nadi, Fiji
Short Title Interdisciplinary Experts Forum for Coastal Inundation Forecasting Demonstration Project for Fiji

Brief description on the Fiji National Sub-Project for CIFDP (CIFDP-F) at http://www.jcomm.info/CIFDP

[Purpose of the Meeting]
  • To review the National Capacity Assessment (NCA)
  • To discuss on the system implementation approach and the forecasting system setup, as defined in the CIFDPImplementation Plan (JCOMM-TR-64). Based on the discussion, and the NCA, technical specifications will be updated and detailed to build a System Design for CIFDP-F.
  • To review user requirements so far identified; consult with national stakeholders for further analyses on requirement and gaps, and; update the User Requirements Plan (URP)
  • To facilitate communication within the National Coordination Team (NCT) for CIFDP-F
[Expected Outcome]
  • Summary report of the meeting
  • An outline for Fiji Coastal Inundation Forecasting System specification (including agreed category/conditions of models and approach for development)
    • Selection of forecasting modelling system needed for required coastal inundation simulation in Fiji (e.g. meteorological input including hurricane/tropical cyclone and rainfall, ocean modelling including storm surges, hydrological and hydraulic modelling). It is essential that model interconnectivity, inter-changeability, and flexibility for later integration of advanced/upgraded modules into the forecasting system be maintained during the development of the initial system.
  • Documented User Requirement Plan
  • Updated CIFDP-F Project Plan, and plans for funding proposals

Web site http://www.jcomm.info/CIFDP-F-IEF
Keywords JCOMM SPA SFSPA ETWS ETWCH CIFDP Fiji review phase 1 IEF

Event Entered By Boram LEE
Organisers Alipate WAIQAICELUA
Donald RESIO
Staff Boram LEE






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