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192nd Session of the Executive Board of UNESCO

Event Type Meeting
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2013-09-23 - End: 2013-10-11
Location , UNESCO Headquarters 7 Place de Fontenoy, Paris, France
Short Title 192 EX
Summary Including the meetings of the subsidiary bodies (13 working days/17 calendar days) Bureau (First meeting: other dates to be determined) Monday, 23 September Special Committee To be determined Committee on Conventions and Recommendations To be determined Committee on International Non-Governmental Partners To be determined Plenary meetings (Monday, 30 September to Wednesday, 2 October then Thursday, 10 and Friday, 11 October) Commissions (Thursday, 3 to Wednesday, 9 October) Monday, 30 September to Friday, 11 October Documents - Category 2 institutes and centres: Regional Educational and Research Centre on Oceanography for Western Asia (192 EX/15 Part IX, pdf) English / Français - Proposal for the Establishment In Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of), within the Iranian National Institute of Oceanography (Inio), of a Regional Educational and Research Centre an Oceanography for Western Asia (Word document) -Executive Board documents N.B.: School holidays in the host country (Zone C – Paris and suburbs): 19 October – 3 November (inclusive) 2013 Ad hoc Preparatory Group: 17-20 September 2013. Dates of the General Conference: The 37th session of the General Conference will be held from Tuesday, 5 to Wednesday, 20 November 2013. Monday, 11 November, a public holiday in the host country, will be considered as a working day on the timetable of the 37th session of the General Conference.

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