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Training Course: Discovery and Use of Operational Ocean Data Products and Services

Event Type Training Course
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2013-11-04 - End: 2013-11-08
Location UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE, UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE Wandelaarkaai 7, Oostende, Belgium
Short Title OceanTeacher-MyOcean
Summary Overview This course will will demonstrate the data resources available from operational program. The focus will be on operational activities, how to download data and use software to visualize. It will be a mix of practical and theoretical. Topics Outline: • Introduction to Operational Oceanography • Operational Ocean Analyses and Forecast methods, • Oceanography Data Sources: model data, • Quality Control /Quality Assurance: Observations and Model Comparison, • Model data Analysis tools, • Coastal monitoring systems and methods, • Examples of Derived Products and Services: Oil Spill Forecasting, • Examples of Derived Products and Services: Environmental Indicators Table of Contents: 1. Introduction to Operational Oceanography & GOOS (Glenn Nolan) a. What is operational oceanography? b. Structures at European and Global scale for OO governance c. EuroGOOS and its ROOSes 2. Introduction to IODE Data Management (Greg Reed) a. Overview of IODE training courses and their related resource materials for the management of oceanographic data 3. Coastal monitoring systems and methods (Glenn Nolan) a. Introduction to coastal monitoring systems: - Fixed platforms - Floating buoys - Vessel based systems (Ferrybox and VOS) - Emerging technologies 4. Operational Oceanography Data Sources: observational data (Patrick Gorringe) 5. Observational Analysis Tools (Greg Reed) a. Demonstrate the data resources available from operational programs, which can be assembled, synthesized and displayed in a single software platform (Integrated Data Viewer). 6. Operational Oceanography Data sources: model data (Laurence Crosnier) a. The MyOcean catalogue of products (part1): What is MyOcean, How to register, How to use MyOcean catalogue, How to download and view MyOcean products? b. The Myocean catalogue of products (part2): Which products are in MyOcean catalogue, How to use MyOcean products? 7. Ocean re-analysis and climatology methods, Part I and II (Simona Simoncelli) 8. Biogeochemical modelling, Part I and II (Elodie Gutknecht) a. Introduction to marine biogeochemistry b. Biogeochemical cycles, Biological processes and Ecosystem models c. Environmental changes and impacts 9. The science of ocean predictions (Nadia Pinardi) a. The main conceptual components of ocean predictions and their historical development b. Regional scale and Coastal modelling and nesting issues c. Data assimilation methods in regional and/or coastal models 10. Quality control and assurance for operational oceanographic products (Marie Drevillon) a. Quality control: data assimilation scores, forecast verification metrics, international standards and links with weather forecast quality control b. Quality assurance: consistency assessment, intercomparisons, user oriented metrics 11. Examples of Derived Products and Services: Oil Spill Forecasting (George Zodiatis) 12. Examples of Derived Products and Services: Environmental Indicators (Giovanni Coppini) Target Audience • Research Scientists • Government and NGO officers Course Pre-requisites: • Students should be graduate students or recent graduates in the marine or atmospheric sciences • Students should be highly proficient in the use of personal computers with Windows XP, W7 or W8 • Students should have a good command of English A Certificate of Participation will be issued to all successful students. This course is a joint collaboration between IODE-OTA and MyOcean (http://www.myocean.eu/)
Notes Period for Applications: 24 April - 8 June 2013 Application instructions and Application Form available for download on www.oceanteacher.org
Web site http://classroom.oceanteacher.org/
Keywords marine data management; operational oceanography

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Organisers Greg REED

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