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Meeting of the PTWS Tsunami Hazard Assessment Task Team

Event Type Meeting
Date(s)(yyyy-mm-dd) Start: 2012-12-12 - End: 2012-12-13
Location Santiago, Chile
Summary In the framework of the global priorities of the IOC included in the 36/C5 this sub regional activity will focus on Tsunami Risk Assessment and Reduction in the the Easter Pacific Ocean, including coastal countries such as Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia as well a Japan, USA and China.. This meeting will bring together the already existing IOC working group on Tsunami evaluation and Disaster Risk Reduction. The seminar will contribute to the following objectives of the working group: 1. Review and report on existing arrangements with regard to tsunami hazard identification and characterization. 2. Advise on credible seismic scenarios that need to be captured for numerical tsunami modelling e.g., location, magnitude, rupture, orientation, dip, and probability of occurrence. 3. Review details on models that are currently used or in development and desirable standards of documentation (model inputs and outputs etc.). 4. Explore cooperation regarding coastal inundation models, including appropriate requirements for bathymetry. 5. Develop guidance on mandatory metadata including details of bathymetry, hydrography and topography. 6. Consider the issue of assessing hazard, vulnerability and risk, including the facilitation of access to models and mitigation measures. 7. Liaise with Working Groups from the other ocean basins, as well as other working groups within ICG/PTWS to coordinate and ensure efficient and effective information for tsunami warning and mitigation.
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